Our curated collection is entirely handmade by Colombian artisans working in equitable conditions for fair wages. We work directly with every artisan, and often their families, to understand their production process and determine fair pricing.

In forming our inventory and creating a network of artisans we aim to have a positive and sustainable impact on the communities we work with. We believe in finding a balance so that all those involved, ourselves included, are profiting from the partnership - economically as well as socially. Our guiding principles include:

  • Fair wages and product prices, determined by the artisans

  • Healthy and safe working conditions

  • No child or forced labor

  • Full transparency in sourcing of products, materials, and identification of artisans/partners

  • High-quality, locally-made, and culturally-reflective goods

We source products from different regions in Colombia to curate a collection of beautifully-made and ethically-minded products that includes homeware, clothing, jewelry and more. Partnering with women’s cooperatives, local development organizations, and artisan groups we will strive to create a sustainable market where our profits are reinvested into the community in the form of increased economic opportunity for artisans and support of community development programs. In doing so, we hope each product can empower customers and artisans alike to create lasting impact.