Since our days of traveling through Asia, India, and Central America we have always day-dreamed about how to make travel and cultural exploration more than a hobby. Over the years our adventures have brought us immense happiness and significantly influenced who we are.  

Maybe more importantly, our travels have shaped who we want to be moving forward and the lives we hope to live - filled with compassion, excitement, and a commitment to improving the quality of life for those around us. For Shannon, its yoga. Its promoting a holistic approach to health and helping people find their inner strengths while improving their physical wellbeing. For Malachi, its human rights and development. Its using research and advocacy to bring sustainable development to disadvantaged populations.

We wanted to capitalize on our individual strengths to create something purposeful. So, what are we good at? Budget traveling, getting lost, getting found, tchotchke acquisition, living together in tiny spaces. And what do we care about? Our wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, equity and opportunity, lifestyles that support these ideals. How do we turn all of that into something meaningful? We’ve given a lot of thought to what is feasible and realistic, but also has the potential to affect change and make an impact.

We’ve finally landed on a project that we think hits all the marks. Named for the Magdalena River, Colombia’s principal river and one of South America’s biggest, often described as the social, environmental, and economic heart of Colombia. Historically the river’s fertile region has supported many crop-reliant communities and served as a main artery for economic activity. Its strength and resilience are woven into Colombian identity and history.  We hope that Magda Made can also bring opportunity and growth to the artisans of Colombia.

We are so excited to bring you inspiring stories and beautiful goods from Colombia. Thanks for being here with us!

Malachi & Shannon

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Graphic Design: Brianna George
Photography: Michael Garff